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Like to Stay in Your Comfort Zone?

Prefer to learn on your own computer in your own surroundings, with one–to–one help from an experienced, patient and knowledgeable teacher? Then the Reluctant Mouse will come to you.

You can book your lessons for any time to suit you. Go as slow (or as fast) as you like, cover the topics you need, ask as many questions as you want, and be sure you have all of the trainer's attention.

Even if you've joined one of the public classes, why not book extra sessions to iron out those little problems that are specific to you and your own computer?

Prefer to Learn With Friends?

It's true, public classes don't suit everybody. Learning in a room full of strangers can feel daunting, and not everyone can fit in with a set time over many weeks.

However, if you like the idea of learning with others, why not get a group of friends together? If everyone has their own laptop computer, group sessions can be run in your home or workplace. With a small group you can share the cost between you for a great saving, and each extra person only adds a small amount per hour.

whatever you use your computer for
The Reluctant Mouse is here to help you.

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