The Reluctant Mouse Is Moving… Online!
You'll Soon Find Us Online

We are just about to begin the process of moving our services entirely online. This means that classes and support sessions will be available to a much wider audience.

The biggest stumbling block over the last few years for the business has been the limitation of only having customers within a fairly small radius of where we're based. Offering an hour's tuition or support to a wider area simply wasn't commercially viable as the price would have been beyond people's reach or expectations. By moving everything online customers from all across the globe can take advantage of the services we offer, and hopefully this will allow the business to continue, and to grow.

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What Will Be Different?

For one thiing we will be offering far more than before! Structured classes will now be available 'on demand' and delivered right into your home or office via the internet. Weekly online group support sessions will be available to join via Google Hangouts, and we're hoping this will help to build a community of clients who help each other as well. One-to-one support sessions, similarly, will now be run online. And we're planning some 'freebies' for signed up customers, and lots of information available in an online libary of help sheets and training manuals.

I know. Cool eh.

Whether you're local or far away…

Watch this space!

A new site will slowly be emerging, together with news of how to access our services.

whatever you use your computer for
The Reluctant Mouse is here to help you.

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